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Tokyo Institute of Technology, B.A., Industrial Engineering, 1972
University of Pennsylvania, Economics, Ph.D., 1984

ITeconomy Advisors, LLC, President
Research Institute, Chief Economist, 1988-2000.
United Nations, Economic Affairs Officer, 1981-1988.
Wharton Econometrics Forecasting Associates, Economist, 1980-1981.
Project LINK staff, 1977-1980.
Japan Economic Journal (Nihon Keizai Shimbun), 1972-1975

Dr. Yuzo Kumasaka has extensive experience working with econometrics. He has produced the U.S. CQM forecasts for more than 15 years and can calculate the turning point of the U.S. economy at least one month earlier than the market consensus. He has focused on the effect of the IT revolution on the economy since the mid 1990’s and won the Okawa publication award in 2001 for co-authoring the book “ITeconomy.” Since January 2006 he has been working as chief of the project “Accelerating Japan’s Economic Growth” commissioned by the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Think Tank. Dr. Kumasaka plays an important role formulating economic policy proposals that will bring Japan a sustainable 3% economic growth.

Benjamin Franklin Professor Emeritus of Economics at Finance, University of Pennsylvania  

1980 Nobel Laureate in Economics

Prof. Klein is an econometrician and has constructed several statistical models of the United States and various other countries. At Pennsylvania he founded Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates and was a principal investigator for Project LINK, which combined models from countries throughout the world in order to study international trade, payments, and global economic activity.
He has served as President of many learned societies, edited scholarly journals, and advised governments in matters of economic policy. In 1976 he coordinated Jimmy Carter’s economic task force in a successful campaign for Presidency of the United States.
McDonald Professor, College of Business Administration, at Northeastern University
Professor of Economics and Finance emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania

F.Gerard Adams was one of the founders of the DRI-WEFA Group forecasting firm. He has worked in government at the Council of Economic Advisers in Washington and at the OECD in Paris. His interests range widely from macroeconometrics and forecasting to the econometrics of individual businesses. He has recently developed a number of intructional programs for distance learning dealing particularly with e-business and its connections to the “new economy” in the US and in East Asia.
Professor of Economics and Statistics at the University of Pennsylvania and Professor of Economics at Singapore Management University

Roberto S. Mariano received his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1970 and has been with the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania since 1971.
He has authored numerous publications on econometric methodology and applications and has served on the editorial board of several international professional journals in statistics and econometrics. With a focus on econometric modeling for forecasting and policy analysis, he has been a consultant to international organizations, governments and private companies. His current research activities concern financial markets and economic growth in Asia, simulation-based techniques in econometrics, risk assessment and asset allocation, and econometric models of nonlinear dynamics.
Profesor of Economics at Konan University
Kobe University, Ph.D., Economics, 1992
Kobe University, M.A., Economics, 1978
Kobe University, B.A., Economics, 1976

Gifu Research Center for Industry and Economy, 1998-1999.
Visiting Researcher, University of Pennsylvania, 1997 Research Analyst.
Visiting Researcher, Research Institute of EPA, 1995-1998.
Associate Professor, Ritsumeikan University, 1992-1994.
Professor, Konan University, 1995-
Visiting Researcher, The International Center for the Study of East Asian Development, 1991- .
Kobe-Gakuin University, Associate Professor, 1984.
Visiting Researcher, University of Pennsylvania, 1985-1986.
Kobe-Gakuin University, Lecturer, 1981.
After graduating from Bogazici University (formerly Robert College) with honors (1973),
Dr. Ozmucur completed his MA at Department of Econometrics at the University of Manchester, England (1974),
and his Ph.D. at the University of Istanbul (1976).
He has taught economics, statistics, econometrics and computer programming courses at Bogazici University (1975-2000),
Vassar College (1977-1982), and the University of Pennsylvania (1997- ).

He has built econometric models for the US, China, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Euro Area, European Union, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Turkey. Dr. Ozmucur has served as the chairman of Department of Economics and elected member of the University Senate at Bogazici University. He has published numerous articles including those published in Finanzarchiv, Interfaces, the Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Economic History, the Journal of Policy Modeling, Journal of Economic and Social Measurement, Public Finance, Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Review of Middle East Economics and Finance, and The Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance & Business Ventures . His books include The Economics of Defense and the Peace Dividend in Turkey, Income Distribution and Macroeconomic variables, Cycles in Money and Prices: Spectral Representation, Quarterly Estimates of National Income of Turkey, A Quarterly Econometric Model for Turkey, Forecasting Methods, Stabilization Policies, Productivity and Profitability: The Turkish Case, Leading Indicators for Turkey and Inflation in Turkey.
Senior Managing Director for Global Investment 

Seoul National University, BA
Cornell University, AB
University of Chicago, ABD

Young J. Zoh is concurrently serving as a management advisory professor for the Korea Banking Institute. Mr. Zoh was President and CEO of Korea Investment Trust Management Company, a leading investment management company with $20 billion of assets under management and was Vice Chairman of the Korea Investment Trust Companies Association. Mr. Zoh also served on various committees of the Korea Stock Exchange, the National Pension System of Korea, the Pacific Basin Economic Council and the Asia Europe Business Forum.

Previously, Mr. Zoh worked on Wall Street mainly as a senior investment manager for the past 20 years. His career spans 11 years as a Senior Portfolio Manager at Clemente Capital in New York and 4 years at UBS O’Connor (previously, O’Connor & Associates) in its Research Department. He also worked for the Chicago Board of Trade and was an Economist at the First National Bank of Chicago and Blue Cross & Blue Shield Association.

Mr. Zoh taught international finance and monetary economics at Roosevelt University.
Swarthmore College, B.A. Economics,1972
University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D Economics,1978 

Present Position:
-Professor of Economics Thammasat University Bangkok, Thailand
-Member of Thailand Development Research Institute Council of Trustees
-Member of the Committee on Budget Subsidy for Public Services, Ministry of Finance
-Member of Board of Directors, TISCO Bank and TISCO Financial Group

Dr. Pranee Tinakorn worked at the World Bank from 1978 to 1979 and has been a member of the Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University up to the present. She has extensive research experience in the fields of development and model building. Her particular interest is poverty and income distribution and economic indicators. She was honored as a National Outstanding Researcher in 2002 by the National Research Council of Thailand. During 2003-2006, she served as Dean of the Faculty of Economics and has served on various university and public committees. In 2007 she was honored as a Distinguished Professor in Social Sciences by the Thammasat University Council. She was also an Advisor to the Minister of Finance from March 2007 to January 2008.
Director of Marketing
Associate Professor, Hunter College (CUNY)
Dr. Mitsudome earned his Ph.D. in accounting (2000)
and MBA in international business (1992) from Baruch College, The City University of New York.

He has published academic papers on corporate governance and international accounting and finance in peer-reviewed journals, and a book on financial statement analysis. Dr. Mitsudome also has extensive experience in the financial information and media industry as vice president of Kyodo News International, a marketing arm of Japan’s largest news agency.
Kathryn Jackson Fallon, Editor-in-Chief
Columbia University, M.A. Applied Linguistics
Seton Hall University, B.A. Englis  

1992 to Present- CQM editor
1980-1997 Reporter TIME Magazine New York, NY

Kathryn has had extensive experience in business and in journalism. As a researcher and a reporter at TIME Magazine for more than 15 years, Kathryn covered news in virtually every section of the magazine including Business & Economy, Politics, Living, Science, and Design, to list a few. Prior to joining TIME, Kathryn worked at SELF Magazine, a Conde Nast Publication, and Medical Economics Magazine, a business magazine for doctors. Kathryn has also written feature articles for the Southampton Press and various online publications. In addition to her journalism background, Kathryn has had primary responsibility for running several small businesses.

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